History of OCIM

The OCIM group was established in Paris in 1961 by the Mathiot family. As a real estate developer, its initial activity was the construction and sale of residential properties.

OCIM built several thousand apartment units and homes in France, mostly in the Paris area, and also developed commercial real estate and public buildings, including a school, a library, and hospitals.

OCIM’s vision was to build real estate properties not only for sale, but also for rental.

In the 1980’s, OCIM acted as its own asset and property manager through the ownership of a portfolio of real estate assets that generated rental income.

As a synergy to its land purchases for the construction activity, the Mathiot family also invested in natural resources assets including farmland, livestock, and forestry.

After three decades of growth in its core business, in the 1990’s OCIM began diversifying its asset base into other alternative investments such as private equity and venture capital.

The financial crisis of 2008 convinced OCIM’s principals to seek safe-haven assets for wealth protection purposes, leading to a significant allocation into coinage precious metals such as physical gold and silver.

Since 2018, OCIM has expanded its metals trading capacity in the Metals & Mining industry with its Geneva and Toronto based subsidiaries and has experienced strong growth and profitability trading and funding the value chains.