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OCIM is an independent provider of structured trade finance solutions in the precious metals sector.

OCIM operates from its offices in Paris and Geneva in partnerships with various operators along the mining value chain, in a mutualy beneficial fashion. OCIM approaches each opportunity in a comprehensive manner, from all operational and financial angles, with a constant focus on risk management and sustainable development. OCIM’s offering provides the operator a financing model allowing control of the balance sheet. That way partners are allowed to concentrate on their main activity: exploitation and production.

OCIM delegates its financial markets risk management to affiliated company electrum SA.

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Established in Paris in 1961 as a real estate developer, OCIM is now headed by Laurent Mathiot, a third-generation member of the founding family, who dedicated his professional career to alternative assets.

Our value proposition relies on a strong conviction

At a time when the transformation and the decarbonation of the economy requires efficient and stable metals markets, the mining industry relies on complex and lengthy production cycles. Bank financing is becoming scarce in that industry, calling for new sources of capital. This leads to the emergence of innovative structured financing solutions that must be both sustainable and tailor-made.

What makes us different?

Holistic project analysis capacity

Bespoke and flexible funding solutions

Fair value sharing with our partners

Accuracy and speed of execution

Focus on local human realities

A diversified and experienced team

OCIM is led by seasoned professionals who combine strategic vision and industry expertise

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