A Responsible Partner 
for the Mining Industry

OCIM Metals & Mining supports its mining partners in adopting ESG best practices.

We support the transformation of the mining industry

As a financial partner to the Metals & Mining industry, OCIM takes its part in the challenge. Above and beyond local laws and regulations, our commitment is to help our partners adopt industry best practices.

We strive for ever greater exemplarity and for maximising impact on all environmental, social and governance (ESG) dimensions.


Corporate governance, ethics, compliance, executive pay, diversity, approach to taxation


Human rights, labour practices, safety, health


Climate change, biodiversity, waste mangement, water and resources uses

OCIM Metals & Mining is committed to ESG throughout the life of projects funded


Gate keeping

Exclusion of projects that do not comply with our list of criteria


Due diligence

Audit of projects according to ESG criteria in addition to legal and technical audits



Monitoring the implementation of projects according to ESG criteria

Partner of

Impact Review




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