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20 June 2024

OCIM first contributor to a unique insurance initiative for artisanal miners in Peru

OCIM is helping to finance insurance cover for 200 families of artisanal miners working for Minera Orex. Designed by Swiss Better Gold Association, this initiative aims to reduce the economic insecurity of workers and their families by covering them against a wide range of risks.

Just a few months after financing a training program aimed at improving the health and safety conditions of artisanal miners operating on the Minera Orex site, OCIM is embarking on a second phase of its commitment strategy in the Arequipa region of southern Peru.

This new project aims to put in place two insurance policies for 200 artisanal miners accredited under stage 1 of the responsible supply chain process formalised by Swiss Better Gold Association.
Following market research, these policies have been designed to offer comprehensive cover against the risks of accidents in the workplace, occupational health issues, compensation in the event of injury and also in the event of death. After comparing several offers, the choice finally fell on the Peruvian insurance company RIMAC, with whom Orex contracted directly.

This initiative, the first of its kind to date, aims to improve the living conditions of workers in the AGSM sector by reducing the economic insecurity associated with these professions, and to provide access to the insurance market.
It is a founding step in the process of improving the working conditions of artisanal miners, ensuring their formalisation and, consequently, better traceability of the metal supply chain. This approach, which is dear to OCIM, is also a new way of creating a positive impact on the artisanal miners in this important region for its development.

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