Bespoke Structured Trade Finance solutions to
Metals & Mining companies

OCIM provides funding across the whole Metals & Mining Value Chain through a variety of debt and structured trade finance instruments.

OCIM’s experience and proximity with its partners has allowed the crafting of specific funding facilities that are well adapted to the industry’s reality and lifecycle: prepayment financing. Typically, OCIM advances funds in USD in exchange for later repayment with delivery of a predefined and fixed volume of metals, acting as both a financier and a buyer.

The repayment schedule is staggered according to debtor’s production forecast, allowing it to secure cash flows, hence providing business continuity.

New funding tranches can be offered, taking into account updated realities of production and market prices. OCIM’s funding is therefore always in line with his partner’s economic situation.

In addition to prepayments, we cover other financing tools and provide offtakes.

Gold, Silver and Platinum Loans
Streaming transactions
Convertible debts

Our solutions are adapted for various funding purposes

General working capital purposes
Resource & Reserve Development
Ongoing project exploration costs

OCIM’s model relies on a well-established and comprehensive process


Project analysis
  • Review of project’s merits
  • Site visit & Management interviews
  • Analysis of funding options


Deal structuring
  • Funding offer
  • Guarantees
  • Term Sheet


  • Due Diligence completion
  • Definitive Agreements
  • Release of funds

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