Structured Trade Finance
for the
Metals & Mining industry

OCIM is an independant and family-owned group dedicated to the Metals & Mining industry

Based in Geneva and Paris, our multidisciplinary team provides bespoke and non-predatory financing solutions that are adapted to the mining operators economical reality and production cycle. We enable our partners to gain flexibility to control their balance sheet and concentrate on their core business: extraction and processing.

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Our financing solutions offers several key advantages

No market risk

The mining companies bear no foreign exchange or market risk


Our solutions require resaonable formalities and offer flexibility in terms of structuring

A wide range of applications

We support metals & mining companies in their various financing needs

No dilution

Our financing has no impact on the capital structure of debtors

Straightforward funding

We finance our partners on a project-by-project basis with no strings attached

Reasonable guarantees

We require project-based guarantees that are mutually agreeable

We support our partners in a mutually beneficial and virtuous cycle

Our business model relies on our capacity to efficiently source and negotiate off-market high value-added deals and to federate a network of trusted partners. We contemplate every opportunity in a holistic manner, looking at all operational and financial considerations from a risk mitigation perspective. The objective of this approach is the creation of fair and mutually beneficial relationships with sustainable development always in mind.

Laurent Mathiot
Chairman & CEO

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OCIM commits to the Rondônia Amazonian forest reforestation project in Brazil

Supported by Reforest'Action, this initiative aims to restore biodiversity and forest cover in the Amazon, while integrating and training local communities. The Amazon is at the crossroads of major but…

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Gold Hedging: A Critical Move for Reducing Financial Uncertainty

Q&A with Etienne Bossu, Chief Trading Officer, OCIM What role does hedging play for gold producers? As gold producers must sell their product on the market at some point, they…

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OCIM opens an office in Geneva

The OCIM Group’s development continues with the opening of a permanent office in Geneva's business district to house the Group’s financing and trading activities in the precious metals sector. Located…

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Gold mining takes on the challenge of reforestation

Generally located in natural areas, the mining industry is on the front lines when it comes to preserving biodiversity, combatting erosion and mitigating global warming. This is an issue that…

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OCIM becomes a member of the Swiss Better Gold Association

As a key player in the gold value chain, OCIM is joining the association to provide a bridge to the Swiss market for artisanal miners, improve practices and enable Swiss…

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Financing the ecological transition: the central issue of reporting and green data

The Forum on Green Finance and Investment organised by the OECD on 2 and 3 October 2023 in Paris was an opportunity to discuss the latest innovations in the field…

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